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Brick Painting

How many brick walls are there in your home? One, two, more? Do you want them all painted? Do you just need to make an inquiry about brick painting in Etobicoke, Ontario? Our company is at your service.

Contact Painters Etobicoke. Whether you want one or plenty of brick walls painted, inside or outside of your house, you can count on our team. Experienced with all materials, brick included, and both interior and exterior painting services, we exceed all expectations. Let’s talk about brick walls and painting services in Etobicoke.

Anywhere in Etobicoke, brick painting estimates free of charge & obligation

Brick Painting Etobicoke

If you have decided on a brick painting, Etobicoke’s most experienced team is at your service. Even if you are still skeptical and like to know more things about this project before you make up your mind, our team is at your service. Besides, the first thing we always do is to send out a painting contractor to check the surface and what’s needed, talk with the customer, and provide advice and an estimate – all for free without obligation.

All brick walls are painted, outside and inside

The good news is that you can turn to our team for brick wall painting, whether this is an exterior wall or an interior wall. Depending on the location, the painters use suitable products since exterior surfaces must be extra strong to withstand all elements. The downside of brick is that it can absorb moisture since it’s porous. If it’s not sealed properly, the structure will gradually be affected by the elements. Something similar may happen indoors – although not to the same extent. And so, the way even the interior brick wall painting is done and the coatings used for the job both matter enormously.

Brick wall painting services – thorough prep work

By assigning the brick painting to us, you gain peace of mind that all stages of the service are performed in a thorough manner and all coatings used are suitable for the material. Experienced Etobicoke painters are assigned to the job. They take care of the brick wall before anything else, making sure it’s clean and free of debris, dust, and cracks. They prep the surface so that it will be painted to look gorgeous and remain resistant for a very long time.

The process is similar when it comes to painting stone walls. And yes, you can trust our team with a stone wall interior painting job.

Tell us if you search for brick painters

Since we first need to hear from you, go ahead and contact us. Tell us about your brick wall and let’s discuss your project. Let us give you an estimate. Is this a brick wall over your fireplace? Is this brick wall standing there for ages and its color is rather yellow nowadays? Do you want to change the home style and thus, change the brick wall color? Whatever your reason for wanting to book brick painting, Etobicoke contractors are at your service. Why don’t you message or call us?