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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Etobicoke

Interior trims endure all sorts of hardships over the years, from debris accumulation to impact damage. Painting trims is the best and most cost-effective way to make them shine again. And if you are considering crown molding and trim painting in Etobicoke, Ontario, you won’t find a company more experienced and dedicated than ours.

Now that you know that our team is available for interior trim painting in Etobicoke, let us not waste any more time. Let us go ahead and dig into some details regarding such services. And let us also talk about the value of entrusting the job to Painters Etobicoke.

Why should you leave Etobicoke crown molding painting & trim painting to us?

Yes, one good reason for letting our team take over your crown molding and trim painting service in Etobicoke is our availability for such projects. Apart from that, we can point out a few things about our team that can make a world of difference when it comes to painting trims.

  •          We have experience with all types and styles of interior moldings – crowns, wall trims, paneling, baseboards, chair rails, picture rails, window/door casing, arches, etc.
  •          Since many molding designs have intricate profiles, attention is given particularly during the preparatory stage.
  •          Be also sure of our team’s experience in all trim materials. Whether we are talking about trims made of wood, plaster, foam, or flexible materials, they are painted. And they are prepped and painted in accordance with the material’s requirements.
  •          You can trust us with interior but also exterior trim painting.
  •          Our company provides free consultations and estimates, with no obligation.
  •          We suggest colors and finishes suitable for the material of the trims and a perfect match to your home style.

Interior trim painting services

Any & all interior trims can be painted. To enjoy a cohesive look, most homeowners have all trims in the house painted.

  •          Baseboards
  •          Crown moldings
  •          Wall trims
  •          Chair rails
  •          Door casings
  •          Window casings

Any trim at all. Another advantage of working with our professional painting company is that you can mix & match jobs. For instance, wouldn’t it be wise to have the doors painted along with the casings? And how about if there’s crown over your kitchen cabinets? You could have the cabinets painted along with the crown molding.

From baseboards to crown moldings, painters prep & finish as required

As mentioned above, trims are first prepped. If some sections are broken or otherwise damaged, they are restored. Debris and dust are removed. Any imperfection is addressed. Based on the material’s requirements, the trim surface is sanded as needed to allow for long-lasting paint adhesion and an exceptional appearance. After all, we are talking about trims – the architectural details of your interior. Isn’t it good to know that they can be affordably and expertly prepped and painted? Let’s talk about colors, options, finishes, and all things about the service. Book an appointment to get your free estimate and discuss the project. If you are thinking of getting started with crown molding and trim painting, Etobicoke’s most experienced company is at your disposal.