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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Time to remove a popcorn ceiling? If you are in quest of experts in popcorn ceiling removal across Etobicoke in Ontario, our company is at your service. There’s no need to take risks with such vital and difficult jobs. Why should you when Painters Etobicoke is standing by, is ready to serve, doesn’t charge much, and has vast experience with such projects?

Whether you want one or more popcorn ceilings removed, don’t worry. The project is carried out with the right equipment by masters of the trade and the ceiling is refinished to your liking. If you want to upgrade your ceilings and enjoy a modern style, put your trust in our company’s expertise. Even more importantly, if you want the popcorn ceiling removed properly with the necessary dust containment, don’t risk it. Choose our team.

Popcorn ceiling removal in Etobicoke – get started

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Etobicoke

In our company, we have experience with such projects. If it’s time for popcorn ceiling removal, Etobicoke experts will be on the job. Be sure. Of course, before anything else, you get to meet with a pro to learn the process of the project, talk about ceiling colors and finishes, and get an estimate for the service. It’s equally important that we know more about the texture of the ceiling. Is it painted? Is it not? Is it damaged? Intact? All things matter when it is time to remove popcorn ceilings. Such factors define the difficulty of the job, what tools are required, and more.

The process of removing popcorn ceilings & refinishing ceilings

Overall, the pros are skilled in both removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing ceilings. And so, all phases of the job are thoroughly carried out.

  •          The pros prep the area first, ensuring dust will not travel around the house when they remove the popcorn ceiling. They are really careful and use the appropriate tools to remove the texture effectively while containing dust.
  •          Once the texture is removed, the surface of the ceiling is prepped. The preparation stage involves cleaning the surface, sanding, filling holes, fixing imperfections, and patching. Basically, anything needed to make the ceiling even and flawless. Also, ready for priming and painting.
  •        The last phase of the job involves painting the ceiling. Be sure that the paints are suitable for the ceiling and the color is that of your choice. The ceiling becomes modern, safe, and strong.

Have the texture removed & the ceiling painted

Why should you entrust the removal of a popcorn ceiling to our company? Mainly, due to our experience. More importantly, the pros take the measures required to contain dust. The removal process is carried out with the thoroughness such challenging jobs demand. And then, the ceiling is prepped and painted to perfection. To put it simply, the job is done correctly, without dust affecting the rest of the house and with minimum disruption to your daily routine. It’s done flawlessly for a healthy environment and high-aesthetic ceilings. If you want to inquire about popcorn ceiling removal, Etobicoke’s most experienced team is at your service.