Painting Services Etobicoke

Residential Painting

Available for interior and exterior residential painting in Etobicoke, Ontario, our company serves all those of you who want to transform and refresh your home. Whether this is a residential building, a condo, or a family house, our team is here for you. We have the experience, the means, and the skills to serve all local residential customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact Painters Etobicoke, even if what you want right now is a small job, like refinishing the kitchen cabinets or the interior doors. Our team takes over all jobs and puts full attention to all jobs from the start. Let us show you.

Easy to book a residential painting Etobicoke free estimate

House Painting

We handle all residential painting Etobicoke requests with the same respect, diligence, and professionalism. Our first priority is to understand your project. To know all there’s to know about the structure, the materials, your needs, your color preferences.

To make sure everything is done to perfection, we appoint a residential painting contractor to check all that, talk with you, provide consultation, and offer a free – no-obligation, estimate. We follow such steps to make sure the pros come out prepared as demanded to reach all parts of the residence, fix flaws, prep all materials, and complete the job to a T. So, if you want to know details, get answers to your questions, know the costs, and explore the color options, contact our team. Message or call and say that you are interested in residential painting in Etobicoke.

Interior residential painting

Interested in interior residential painting services in Etobicoke? We are at your service. Want all parts and all rooms painted? Or just one room, some cabinets, or the doors? In spite of what you need, you can depend on our team. The process is the same. The pros prep the area and the surfaces. Then prime and paint. Since the surface must be smooth, the prep work may involve anything from drywall repair, sanding, and patching holes to filling cracks and fixing imperfections. They remove wallpaper and popcorn ceiling, refinish the surface, and paint with the colors of your choice.

Exterior residential painting

Exterior painting services involve the doors, the walls, the siding, the windows, the fence, the deck – all parts. Such jobs are demanding since exterior surfaces wear a lot and must be prepped and painted to last for as long as possible. Don’t worry. With our expert team, your residence’s exterior is properly prepped and painted. From brick and wood to stucco and metal, all materials are prepped as demanded and painted with suitable coatings.

Do you want both the interior and the exterior painted? Has there been water damage and you may need drywall installation as well? Do you just want popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling finishing? Or wallpaper removal and installation? Don’t worry about anything. As we said, we undertake all jobs, have experience with all projects, and are ready to take over your Etobicoke residential painting. Should we talk?