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Wallpaper is great until it’s not. That’s when you are tired of a certain motif or the wallpaper is worn. And this is likely the reason why you seek pros with expertise in wallpaper removal and installation in Etobicoke, Ontario. If that’s what you are doing, it’s time to take a big breath. Why, you may ask? Because now that you found Painters Etobicoke, such services related to wallpaper will become as easy as getting in touch with our team.

Etobicoke wallpaper removal and installation experts

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Etobicoke

Do you want wallpaper removal and installation in Etobicoke? Or, do you want the wallpaper removed and the wall painted? In either case, you can count on our company. We have experience with such projects. Naturally, both of these jobs involve the removal of wallpaper. The question is what you need once this is done. So, allow us to tell you about both cases to have an idea of how things are done.

It makes sense to say that whatever you have in mind, you first need to contact us. You can do that easily by sending a quick message or simply by placing a phone call. Let’s talk about your wallpaper needs, the costs, the way things are done, and everything about the service. If you agree to assign the job to us, the pros arrive at your home as scheduled and carry the tools needed for the service requested.

Specialists in removing wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is much more difficult than you think. You can never be sure of how the wallpaper will behave while it’s removed. And then, whether it’ll be rather easy or not at all depends on how it was installed and its material. We like to assure you that the pros assigned to remove wallpaper have experience in such jobs and do their work with suitable tools in a proper manner. They also have experience with all wallpaper materials and so, you don’t have to worry about that either. The wallpaper removal is properly done.

Want wallpaper installation? Wallpaper removal & wall painting?

Once the wallpaper is removed, the wall is fixed. There are usually some imperfections, like dents, cracks, and holes. And the pros do what they must in order to make the wall even and smooth. Then, they prime it.

The wall is primed even if you want wallpaper installation. With the wall prepped, fixed, and primed, the wallpaper will adhere and look better, and it will be easier to remove when the time comes.

Now, if you don’t want another wallpaper installed, the wall is also painted. And if this is what you want, we talk about the colors and finishing options from the start.

Of course, you may simply look to find a wallpaper installer for the first time. Once again, contact us if there’s no wallpaper to remove in your home but you want wallpaper installation.

Why don’t you tell us about your current needs? Do you want both wallpaper removal and installation, Etobicoke installers only, or the wallpaper removed and the wall painted?